How to clean the house quickly and well?

There is no need for spells or flips if you want to clean the house quickly . by following 6 simple tricks you can do it effectively and with really excellent results. Are you ready to fight against domestic dirt?

How to clean the house quickly and well?
If you think that cleaning the house quickly means doing it superficially and without going to the bottom, then you are wrong. It is not about skimping on the effort and giving up on results, but about learning to optimize time . Pay attention to the following tricks that will allow you to speed up home cleaning operations:

1. Keep order
It’s easier to clean the house quickly if things stay in place. But for that, you will have to create a habit of putting back everything that is taken or used. For example, when you finish eating, wash the dishes immediately. If you take a shower, put your dirty clothes in the hamper and hang out your towels and bathrobe. When you get home, put your shoes in the shoe cabinet and your coat in the closet. And so on.

2. Remove dust with a damp cloth
Nothing can be done against the dust that accumulates on furniture and in the corners of the house. Even if cleaned daily, it will always come back. But in order for the clean effect to last longer, we advise you to remove the dust using a cloth moistened with soap and water . You can also apply furniture wax which prevents excessive accumulation of other particles as well.

3. Wash your windows periodically
It’s true that cleaning windows and mirrors takes a lot of work, but a common mistake is to do it once in a while. If you include this in your weekly or biweekly cleaning, however, it will be much easier to remove dirt.

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